Speaking of Blogging

Blogs, or weblogs just like the Internet in general, can be informative if you know where to go. I tell my students trying to navigate through the Internet randomly is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Trying to locate a worthwhile blog without a plan seems to me to be akin to visiting a large city without bothering to get restaurant recommendations. Good luck! So I was delighted to discover the fourth annual edublogawards 2007. In addition to recognizing the different categories of special interests blogs, the edublogsawards highlight the various ways that educators are capitalizing on possibilities of Web 2.0. A review of the nominations and winners, offers a window into the innovative practices of educators who are embracing social media to enhance instruction in the classroom. For instance, the best educational wiki award goes to Welker’s Wikinomics. Using Wetpaint, the class collaborated to create a multimedia collection of online resources, revising and enhancing the class syllabus as the course progressed, and improving the curriculum for the next generation of users. If you’ve every wondered how the virtual world Second Life, can be utilized in class, here is your chance to find out. . Using ning, Steve Hargadon’s Classroom 2.0, an educational social network, was created to promote the role of Web 2.0 in education.  Enjoy a plethora of innovation.

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